Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Windows Phone increasing its share of the smartphone market

Gartner has published an interesting report, which details numerous points. The first is Nokia falling to position 10 in the first quarter of 2013. This is out of all mobile phone manufacturers (Samsung remains first). While Windows Phone is increasing its share and sales, Nokia has still yet to experience a surge that will replace the sheer volume of units the company used to ship. Microsoft is climbing rather steadily from 2012. The company holds 2.9 percent of the market, while it only held 1.9 percent the same time last year - not a bad increase. With Blackberry continuing to dwindle, it's now time for Nokia and Microsoft to really push the platform. The Lumia 925 is a sign of things to come, and boy are those things going to be good.

Microsoft Surface RT and Pro updates rolling out, volume and Wi-Fi fixes

Microsoft is pushing out a series of updates for both the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets.
The updates for the Surface RT addresses the low speaker volume and other stability improvements. The Surface Pro updates deal with improved Wi-Fi connectivity and stability along with a video update to improve Skype performance.

You also get a PXE boot feature that can be used by administrators for network installation of Windows. Both cluster of updates also include the regular security updates.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

China Android Smartphone

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Next Oppo Find to get Snapdragon 800, could launch September

The Find 5 has been doing extremely well in China and across the globe, and as we expected, work on the next generation phone has already began. According to sources close to Oppo, the new Find model (possibly the Find 6) will feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU and 8 mega-pixel front camera.
The rest of the hardware will remain the same as the current Find 5, so 1080 5-inch display, 2GB RAM, NFC and 13 mega-pixel Sony Exymor sensor. The real question here though is this an all new Oppo Find 6 or an updated version of the current Find 5?

HTC HD2 hacked to run on Firefox OS

HTC HD2 has been one of the most developer friendly devices for a long time now. The smartphone was launched with Windows Mobile on board and later, the device was hacked to run everything from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, through Ubuntu to Windows RT.
Now, the developers have ported the recently launched Firefox OS to run on HTC HD2. Unfortunately, the ported OS has a few issues with SIM not being detected, low volume, camera and mass storage for now. However, the developer is said to be working on fixes and a bug free version of the OS is expected to be available in the coming days.
The Firefox OS for the HTC HD2 is available in the source link below and please do remember that the process of flashing your phone involves some risk and would void your warranty. So, proceed with the instructions only if you know what you are up to.

Afterlight for iOS

I'm a sucker for photo editing apps and have two whole folders of them on my iPhone. One of my favorites is Afterlight mainly because it's simple to use. I can apply lots of filters on top of each other or use it just to make basic enhancements. After you purchase the app, you'll have access to all features except for scene clips. If you'd like those it's an additional $0.99 in-app purchase.
If you simply want Afterlight as a simple way to edit photos on the go, you probably won't have any interest in scene clips but if you do, you've got the option all in one app

Angry Birds Star Wars adds Cloud City and Boba Fett levels on Windows Phone

WPForum.ru reports that Rovio has updated Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone, adding two new levels – Cloud City and the Adventures of Boba Fett.
In order to play to the Boba Fett levels you first have to find his jet pack on earlier levels. 
All 5 parts now present on other platforms is now available on Windows Phone.
The game is $0.99 and can be found in the Windows Phone Store

Nokia experiences sales growth in India with Lumia hardware

Nokia has witnessed growth in sales of its Lumia line of Windows Phones in India, according to the Indian Express. While the company has been pushing in the market since Nokia adopted Windows Phone, a significant increase in volume is acknowledge in the emerging country. So what's changing for India? There's something in the air.

We've previously looked at how Windows Phone is picking up in India and how Nokia is stealing larger portions of the marketshare pie. A recent report from AdDuplex confirms Nokia's dominance in India. Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop had the following to add on the news:
"In terms of what is happening in Lumia for us in India, the volumes are picking up quite nicely. We got a broader portfolio in the Indian market from (Lumia) 920 to 620 and 520 and so forth. We are very pleased with the pick up we are seeing with those products in India."
Sales of the Lumia family increased to 5.7 million, as reported earlier this year. Elop continues to explain how India is a prime example where the company is focusing on strategies for both high-end and mid-level hardware:
"India sets that aspiration... we also recognised very large number of people who are more constrained in their ability to spend. I think India is a good example where we have to do both. There are countries around the world where only high end plays, United States is an example."
Taking full advantage of mobile operator subsidies to make its high-end Windows Phones appear more affordable to consumers with attached contracts. India, as well as other emerging markets, are important for not only the Finnish manufacturer, but Microsoft too. It's essential both companies focus on more affordable hardware as well as the expensive flagships.

JamTiles for Windows Phone

JamTiles essentially enables users to share music and tastes with other Windows Phone owners around the world. Each song (or "Jam" in this case) can be published online with notes to share thoughts on that particular track. That's the basics of the app, but there's slightly more to it than that.
The best way to get the most out of JamTiles, as well as sending out your own thoughts on music you play on a Windows Phone, is to pin the JamTiles to the start screen. Up to six can be pinned at any given time and each will update automatically every 30 minutes with a random Jam from other users. Jams will be locked in on each tile until selected and cleared.
Recent Jams can also be viewed and accessed within the app, making use of the simple layout. When interacting with Jams other users have published, the ability to rate that Jam, as well as search for the track on the Xbox Music store is present. This is helpful for those who desire to use the service to discover new music and easily download / purchase said music from the store.
You can download JamTiles from the Windows Phone Store for free over the next 24 hours (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 versions of the app will launch next week.